Pain Belt is simple to use, lightweight and very comfortable belt that can be worn during running/walking/exercising or just relaxing at home you can even wear it around your neck to eliviate neuro related issues. There is no minimum or maximum time to wear the belt you can even sleep with it.

Pain Belt (T1000B)

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  • It reliefs pains in the back area, lower dysmenorrhea symptoms and improves overall body position. The ingredients that make this belt unique are the two nano coated copper spiral enforced with Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Zinc Oxide (ZnO), Copper Oxide (CuO) and Methyl (CH3) GaNS and liquid plasma.

    The combination of GanS and nanocoated copper spiral creates magneto-gravitational plasmatic fields that react with the fields emitted by your etheric body and help it to achieve the optimum energy level.


    Its design is such, that the spirals create an infinity loop so as the etheric body of the user to achieve the optimum energy exchange.


    Use: Wear it as a normal belt around your waist. There is no time limit to wear it. If you experience any side effects stop immediately the use. You can wash it at hand.

  • In cases of pregnancy or breastfeeding women and people wearing a pacemaker its use is prohibited. Do not apply on open wounds, areas where an implant is positioned and persons with high fever. Keep it away from electromagnetical sources of energy (eg. personal computers, microwaves ect). In case of leakage wash the area with plenty of water. Consuming or drinking of its interior is abandoned. Keep it away from the reach of children.

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