The Health Room addresses to professionals. 

The Health Room aims to a holistic alternative approach of the problems that a user can face. 

Health Room (C2017HR)

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  • The Health Room consists from 17 reactors placed at the side planes, the top and the bottom of the room. Each reactor contains different GaNS. The GaNS that are used are the Zinc Oxide (ZnO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methyl (CH3) GaNS and liquid plasma. These reactors rotate with high speed which can be set depending user’s needs. By this rotation the GaNS placed in each reactor create magnetic and gravitational fields around the user who sits inside the Health Room.


    As a result the etheric body of the user can change information with these fields, dispose negative energy, absorb chi energy from nature and equilibrate.


    The Health Room addresses to professionals. 

  • In cases of pregnancy or breastfeeding women and people wearing a pacemaker its use is prohibited. Keep it away from the reach of children.

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